Radio Blackout 1999 – Tape

“Radio Blackout 1999” Tape
Limited edition – 60 copies
October 2016 Luce Sia


In the late 90s i was djing at radio blackout ( with Fabio Battistetti. A lot was changing for Gerstein: as already happened in1989, I was living a creative crisis, so I thought that the right solution was to change everything. But How? I decided to have a different approach to sound by manipulating samples and frequencies created with the pc. the result are these eleven tracks of which only few have been released in the past. three of them can be found on the four tape compilation “death factories” that Alessandro Marchettini did on his butcher’s House Prod label. I only performed them live twice: one at radio blackout and the other one at the el paso squat, both in Torino. these tracks, sonically, are the most violent ones produced under the Gerstein monicker and I decided to release them because I felt that even if they’re not the top notch of what today I mean as quality, they still have that urgence of communication that they had back then. thanks to Sacha and Nebo of Luce Sia, you have the opportunity to check them.

I hope that you’ll enjoy them as much as I did listening to them after seventeen years. every time I check something old which I have forgotten, it’s like I’m listening to something that someone else did. with Gerstein is always like this, because everything is created improvising and refining. I release the inner flow that then is free to spread and live on its own. Thanks to: – Sacha and Nebo for their passionate work – Claudia Golombowski for the photos and for the love – Artico Culto for sharing sounds and live experiences – all the Gerstein listeners who are curious to check my music, old or new – Braconidae for sharing ideas and collaborating.

Gaetano Cappella – Maiella

Artist: Gaetano Cappella
Title: Maiella
Format: Tape
Label: Spring Break Tapes
Rated: *****

Gaetano Cappella is a young 26 years old guy coming from Abruzzo, Italy. On early 2015 because of a personal crisis he decided to isolate himself from the outside world just to get connected to nature. Once he made it he started to feel like the suffering of the earth was concerning and inspiring him. This, after being without playing for three years, made him started recording his EP “Maiella”. Soundwise, the two sides of the EP are composed by field recordings and manipulated guitar sounds. Guitar loops where played using two portable cassette tape devices (the old walkman) and everything was mixed and played live on a Fostex four track recording device. No software have been used to record the music you’re finding here. Personally I really appreciated the approach Gaetano had with his sound sources, as the small melodic parts are well mixed into the background drones which are enriched by flashing sounds and sparse rhythmic parts. Being magmatic and intense, “Maiella”, before being released on tape by Joe McKay’s Spring Break Tapes has been played live at the exhibition “Italt In A Frame”, which was part of the Triennale in Milan. Gaetano has started to work to new material which will be part of a trilogy and part of it has already been used as audio installation at the Path Festival in Verona. Even if the tape sold out in few days after the release, you can check the digital files here.

Godlesstate – Godlesstate

Artist: Godlesstate
Title: Godlesstate
Format: CD
Label: Hagshadow
Rated: *****
I think that if I name to you Patrick Leagas, there’s no need to explain his history… you know… Death In June, Sixth Comm, Mother Destruction, etc. Well, as far as we know, Patrick decided to close the Sixth Comm chapter with the “One Mans Hel” album (here reviewed time ago, so make a search on the reviews section) and now he’s focusing on the new project called Godlesstate. With this one, he just released a self named CD on Hagshadow containing eleven new tracks.. Influenced by his interest in archeology and social/spiritual history of mankind, Patrick created something deeply connected to nature. Frequently he takes his bike and travels through England just to stop into places that he feels connected to and, there, he passes some time to take inspiration. Because of this process, I see him like a shaman which is creating his own way to talk to gods and tracks like “Cedar Forest” or the following “Enkidu’s Wildness” are the proof that he’s good into that, because they have an hypnotic effect on me. Most of the track are based on many percussive sounds with layers of electronic effects, blow instruments and chants. “Ice Voyage”, instead, is a track on its own, because it’s based on orchestral sounds, natural sounds, spoken word and it’s really taking you somewhere else. If I should picture it, it’s like looking to the ocean from a cliff. Also “Doggerland”, is another track where orchestrations are mixed with synth frequencies and it’s really breathtaking with its ten minutes of length where a apparent calm is taking you to a journey through time. You know, after listening to “Godlesstate” for the third time, I’m finding myself writing sparse sentences because I’m really into the sounds and into the atmospheres created and this is what music should provoke: a total absorption.

Dagobert Vs MasterArp – Startopology

Artist: Dagobert Vs MasterArp
Title: Startopology
Format: 2 x LP
Label: Dominance Electricity
Rated: *****
Twenty years have passed since Dominance Electricity started to burn the flame of electrofunk in Germany and after Jackal & Hyde’s 12″ they just released the newest Dagobert album. The last Dagobert Howe release was out five years ago and was a MLP titled “Astronauten” which he did collaborating with Kalson. The last proper album “Sonic Sound Of Bass”, instead, have been released back in 2003 and was a double LP issued always by Dominance Electricity, as most of his stuff. The new album “Startopology” seems to be a collaboration with a new project MasterArp, just to discover that it’s always him using a different name for his stuff more electro influenced, while Dagobert is more Electro-Breakbeat oriented. Anyway… The new album, available on 2LP (black or transparent blue), CD and digital formats contains thirteen new tracks (the digital release has a bonus nine minutes megamix of the album) which alternates or mix various influences: breakbeat, electro (“Booster” reminds me of Kavinsky), sci-fi soundtracks and also pop. The track which is somehow showing them all is “Mein Kosmos”, because it has ambient background sounds, electro mid tempos and breakbeat vocals and, I don’t know why, it made me recall “Freestyler” by Bomfunk MC’s. If tracks like “Megatron 3000” or “The Restless Invader” are classic electrofunk songs, “Lost Transmission” or “Deep In Love” are really different, as the first one is a short sci-fi sounding intermezzo and the second is an electro pop song with hard beats and melodic vocals. Also “Dagonaut Theme” and “Across The Stars” are particular ones, because mix electro rhythms and spacey sounds. They sure have soundtrack approach which is kinda new for the genre. So, prepare yourself to different listenings to appreciate in full the new Dagobert sound.

Gregor Tresher – Quiet Distortion

Artist: Gregor Tresher
Title: Quiet Distortion
Format: CD
Label: Break New Soil
Rated: *****
Three years after the last album “Nightcolors”, Gregor Tresher is back on his own label Break New Soil with “Quiet Distortion”. Born as a DJ in Frankfurt in the early ’90s, Tresher has constantly worked on his own sound, starting in the ’00s when he was making music under the Sniper Mode moniker. Tresher fame risen with two EPs released by Datapunk: “Still” and “Neon”. Also his remix of Sven Vath’s “Komm” and his contribution to the Cocoon compilation “Full Range Madness” helped him getting a wider audience. This new album “Quiet Distortion”, contains twelve new tracks that mix techno and electronic music in a great way. Gregor worked really well by building rhythm layers with pounding kicks and syncopated beats which enrich so much the tracks mixing them with catchy melodies that make of this a release to enjoy on a wider palette. If “Numb” opens the album with a dark mysterious atmosphere, “Consistency” blink the eye to the dance floor with its crescendo and the in levare bass line. If the main title is a electronic dance tune, the following “Safehouse” is a minimal soft one with dry beats that create a nice contrast. “The Kraken” is another dance floor monster and it’s followed by other two similar ones: “Riot Gear” and “Depend”. “Decades” is one of the tracks that along with “Numb” and the closing “Give It All Away”, will be able to catch the attention of the audience that is less keen on techno (maybe the people that are into Warp Records). I really enjoyed “Quiet Distortion” and with different listenings you’ll be able to catch all its qualities, starting from the nice cover made by 3D-artist Dennis Richter.